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Prosthetic Hand Builds Street Cred and a Lasting Friendship

Intel Images: Oregon Intel Employee Helps Boy with 3D-Printed Prosthetic

Eight-year-old Henry Hunker met Intel’s Wayne Waterman six years ago, when Waterman used his 3D printer to make a prosthetic hand for Henry, who was born with an underdeveloped one.

In kindergarten and first grade, bullies sometimes teased Henry about his missing limb.

But things have changed in third grade. Henry came up with a design to resemble a dragon and Waterman turned it into reality.

“When I made Henry his first hand, it was because he was missing a hand,” said Waterman, a webcast infrastructure architect in Intel’s Information Technology Group in Hillsboro, Oregon. “When I made him the second hand, it was because it gave him some street cred at school.”

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